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Garage Door Cores

EPS Garage Door Cores Rising energy costs have made it increasingly important that a home is well insulated. A well insulated garage will help stabilize the temperature in the home, resulting in reduced energy bills and a more comfortable living environment.Foam-Control EPS used in Garage Door Cores combines durability, versatility and reliability with a high R-Value, making it the preferred insulation for commercial and residential doors. Our technical expertise will help you match a product with an R-Value, density, compression resistance, dimensional tolerance and laminating facer to meet your needs.

Benefits of Foam-Control EPS Garage Door cores include:

  • Flexible Design Options - Routing, Beveling & Embossing
  • Multiple Grooving & Custom
  • Profiling Kerfing Provides Easy & Fast Installation
  • Compatible Laminating Surface
  • Facers Available in a Variety of Colors
  • High Strength to Weight Ratio
  • 20-Year Thermal Warranty
  • Lower Cost Per R-Value
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Recyclable & Contains No CFC’s,
  • HCFC’s, HFC’s or formaldehyde