Introducing Foam-Control Radon Guard,

We are pleased to announce Foam-Control Radon Guard as a new member of the Foam-Control product family. Building codes are now requiring radon gas mitigation and RADON GUARD does this and more! – it’s structural, vents sub slab gases and insulates all in one product.

We have developed the following literature to support the introduction of Foam-Control Radon Guard:

  • Foam-Control Radon Guard Sales Literature
  • Foam-Control Radon Guard Installation Instructions
  • Foam-Control Radon Guard Specification

In addition, Foam-Control Radon Guard is recognized in a new UL Evaluation Report UL ER11812-06 as a code compliance product for radon gas mitigation. The new literature and support materials are available on the NEW website that supports Foam-Control Radon Guard – The Radon Guard website also includes an introductory video on Radon Guard and a detailed installation video.