New Technical Bulletin No. 1026 –Labeling Foam Plastic for Code Compliance

We are pleased to announce Foam-Control Technical Bulletin No. 1026 is now available. The bulletin provides information on the required labelling of foam insulations for compliance with the International Building Code (IBC) and International Residential Code (IRC).

The following are the critical considerations described in the technical bulletin when selecting and specifying insulation products for building applications.

  1. Labeling and identification. Packages and containers of foam plastic insulation and foam plastic insulation components delivered to the job site shall bear the label of an approved agency showing the manufacturer’s name, product listing, product identification and information sufficient to determine that the end use will comply
  2. Surface-burning characteristics. Foam plastic insulation shall have a flame spread index of not more than 75 and a smoke-developed index of not more than 450 where tested in the maximum thickness intended for use in accordance with ASTM E84 or UL 723.
  3. Roofing. Above deck expanded polystyrene board shall comply with ASTM C578.

Most importantly, Foam-Control products are all labeled and identified with a UL label to meet all these requirements.