Updated Foam-Control Technical Bulletin No. 1009 and UL Environmental Product Declaration (EPD)


We are pleased to announce an update to Foam-Control Technical Bulletin MPS No. 1009 is now available.  The updated Foam-Control Technical Bulletin provided additional information on two means to assist with obtaining LEED credits:


  • Materials and Resources, Environmental Product Declarations:  Environmental Product Declarations (EPD) are developed to understand the environmental impacts of products. An industry wide UL Environmental Product Declaration (copy attached) was recently completed by the EPS Industry to meet the LEED Environmental Product Declaration requirements.
  • Materials and Resources, Material Ingredients: A material ingredients disclosure for Foam-Control Insulation is available to provide information on the ingredients contained in Foam-Control Insulation.  A Foam-Control template for the material ingredient disclosure is available.


The key benefit from Foam-Control insulation in LEED recognized buildings continues to be the optimization of energy performance.  This is the single largest point category within the LEED rating system.